Like them of not, leather pants are one the must important safety items you have as a road rider. Conclusive tests show that foot and ankle injuries are the most common kind suffered, followed by lower extremity damage when a body leaves a bike. Think what you want about leather pants but it is YOUR ass that's going to be hurting should that old man at the stoplight not see you as you pull into the intersection. We've got them in colors, jean cuts. touring cuts as well as all out race hosen.

When you buy a Vanson custom suit, you are not just getting the best suit made, you are also getting dependability, reliability, repair-ability and guaranteed fit. It is this dedication to giving the racer the best suit possible that Vanson Leathers has proudly stood for these past 38 years. It is this dedication which results in suits that last for race after race, season after season, for men and for women. 

Coolest leather jackets ever. From Mike Hailwood replica jackets, Peter Fonda, Bartels HD, the original comet, the manx, vented leather? it's hard to get just one. Yea, black and shiny...some say 'too shiny'. Sorry Bub, you gotta make your own cool. Every bump, bruise, scratch and wrinkle tell a story. The "you" makes it cool.

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